Category: Suffering

A Lament Psalm for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery

How much longer? O Lord, my God    how long will You hide from Your creation?How long will we be in turmoil,    hatred flowing throughout the world? How much longer will violence be inevitable? Peace is foreign to this nation and world,    bigotry and prejudice remain.Murder and hatred is what we expect,   

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The Trauma of Others’ Suffering

Have you experienced something like this? Have you cared for someone who has experiences trauma, meanwhile you suffer trauma? Your loved one may have visible sings of the traumatic event, while your trauma is invisible. People may even want to help your loved one, but you may be completely forgotten. Before I discuss how you may be expressing your invisible trauma, I need you to hear this: You matter.

We Groan For Redemption

Time doesn’t heal our wounds, God does and will. Pain cannot be avoided but, through Jesus, it can be redeemed. Pain is not a lack of faith, it’s a part of life that God uses to redeem all things. And, your pain does matter to God and He has promised to finish his redemption through the consummation of God’s creation.