My Productivity Tip in Quarantine

This is an unprecedented time in the world. Productivity doesn’t seem to be highly valued right now. But, don’t waste your quarantine. Create routines and rhythms that will assist you in making the most of your time.

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Quarantine has forced many people to revaluate and/or redefine productivity in their lives. Getting things done is important, so a ton of people are offering their two cents on how to be productive.

Scheduling, to-do lists, project planning, and all things related to organizing is kind of my love language. I am this way because I genuinely enjoy it but I also do it because I need it to be productive. “Going with the flow” is not my favorite, even though I’m growing to enjoy it.

So, when I first became chronically ill and disabled in the summer of 2015 I had to reevaluate and redefine what productivity looks like in my life. And since I’ve experienced three previous seasons of quarantine before COVID-19, I’ve had time and practice with GTD (getting things done) while being indoors.

Instead of sharing a personal thesis of productivity I thought I would do something a bit different.

I would like to share just one tip for remaining productive in your quarantine.

Have a Morning and Evening Routine

Having a routine for the start and end of the day is key to productivity. Having rhythms as you wake up and wind down at night give your days structure and purpose. Before you figure out your morning and evening routines, there are three things to figure out. 

What are My [Roles]?

What are your roles in your life? What are the God-given identifiers in your life? Everyone has different roles but it’s important to start here.

To give an example, here are my roles:

  1. Disciple of Jesus
  2. Husband and Father
  3. Church Member
  4. Physical Therapy Participant
  5. Patient
  6. Friend
  7. Writer and Creator
  8. Me

These roles are from most important to least important, and they reveal what I value in my life. I’ve figured out that once you figure out your roles it becomes clear what takes precedence during the day.

Your list of roles will vary from mine, but the important thing to do is to think about your God-given roles. Those roles will help with the next question.

What are My [Responsibilities]?

Responsibilities stem off of the roles in your life, but this becomes more applicable to occurrence of activities.

In quarantine your priorities may differ then your regular rhythm. This could look like home schooling being a regular rhythm when you may be accustomed to public or private schooling. Whatever the change is in responsibilities, acknowledge and plan for your new responsibilities.

Your new responsibilities will undoubtedly change your schedule, but reflect on your roles and defer to what is most important in life. 

I can say that I struggle with this the most! But when I remember what’s most important, I am able to adapt easier and with genuine joy.

Whats am I [Passionate] About?

Last question to ask before you set your routines, is about your passion. Now, of course, this will differ from person-to-person, but pinpoint what your passion is.

It may not be high up on your roles and/or responsibilities but this an essential step. By pinpointing your biggest passion, your routines will include what drives you in the midst of your day. 

By the way, it is okay if you’re passion transfers to something else for a time. And if you’re not sure what your passion is, ask for guidance from those that know you best.

So, I’d recommend including this in your morning routine.

If you did all that, now create a morning and evening routine

Just so you know, I still struggle with maintaining a morning and evening routine that incorporate what is said above. Four quarantines in five years and I continuously revisit my routines.

So, create a rough draft. Make sure you incorporate your highest roles, your new responsibilities in quarantine, and a regular time to include a time for your passion to be exercised. Create a draft and on a monthly basis reevaluate what’s working and not.

If you create a morning and evening routine you will see many positives in life. I’ve seen that a morning a routine helps me start my day with what I care for most which creates joy and instills confidence for the day. My evening routine assist me to wind down and focus on spending time with my wife. The benefits you see may be different but I have seen virtually no downsides by creating these rhythms.

This Is Worth It

Some of you have lost your jobs. Some are essential workers. Some work at home now. Some have kids at home full-time. And some are forced home because you are vulnerable to get sick.

I understand this tip may seem difficult or even impossible right now. And that’s okay. But, if you would like ANY help, reach out to me. I would love to be there for you to navigate creating a quarantine routine.

This is an unprecedented time in the world. Productivity doesn’t seem to be highly valued right now. But, don’t waste your quarantine. Create routines and rhythms that will assist you in making the most of your time.

Pay careful attention, then, to how you walk — not as unwise people but as wise — making the most of the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15-16

1 comments on “My Productivity Tip in Quarantine”

  1. Well written words of wisdom sir! I love that you didn’t give a long list of tips which we wouldn’t even be able to follow, but just gave one precious tip and explained it in detail. I do not have a fixed routine as of now, but I really hope this works when I make one. And truly said, our life roles will help us define our priorities in the list and work accordingly!


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