Gratefulness for the Ordinary

Something I’ve learned is that we need to be grateful for the ordinary.

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The other night my wife and I were watching Netflix after our daughter went to bed. We were trying to figure out what to watch, and we just turned on one of favorite shows to zone out. We simply laid down and enjoyed a couple episodes together.

This was amazing. This was something I dreamed about. This was – and is – special to me.


We were in the same bed together. Husband and wife, same bed, laying together.

Due to my heart failure, LVAD insertion, and transplant, it had been almost three full years since my wife and I were able to sleep in the same bed. I slept in either an in-patient hospital bed, my home lift-chair, and my own personal medical air mattress for three years. My wife slept on anything to be close to me (chairs, floors, couches, ottomans, etc).

Sharing a bed doesn’t seem too important from the outside, but our first night together was amazing. I was extremely grateful. I still catch myself expressing my gratefulness when I’m in prayer.

Something I’ve learned is that we need to be grateful for the ordinary. 

We need to train ourselves to give thanks and be grateful for the “little things.” We need this because God’s word tells us that our “days vanish like smoke” and in trials we become “withered like grass,” but the Lord, who is “enthroned forever,” will give his children compassion and grace in all times, good and bad (Psalms 102:3-4,11-13).

In times of ease and times of hardship we would benefit greatly to obey the command given: 

Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in everything; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Whether it’s sleeping the same bed or any other ordinary thing of life, learn to be grateful. Stop chasing the extraordinary moments for joy; Look around and be grateful for the ordinary. God’s grace in present in the ordinary.

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