God: Unchanging & Dependable

“The only thing that remains the same is that everything is always changing.”
But, is that sentence/philosophy even true?
Does everything change? Does anything remain the same?

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“The only thing that remains the same is that everything is always changing.”

I thought I was really smart and “wise beyond my years” when I said that at 18 years old. Turns out, I wasn’t all that wise for saying that: many, many people have been credited for saying something like that as far back as 500 BC. 

But, is that sentence/philosophy even true?

Does everything change? Does anything remain the same?

The Bible says that God is unchanging, making him the only thing that remains the same (Malachi 3:6Hebrews 13:8).

Then, in what ways is God unchanging? And, how is this good news, especially for those enduring hardship or living disabled?

In What Ways is God Unchanging?

There are four clear ways that the Bible states that God is unchanging. Each of these ways demonstrate his greatness and holiness, and I certainly could write endlessly about each of these ways. Instead, let’s make it concise.

God does not change in character. All of his attributes remain steadfast and true, and God doesn’t have mood swings based on circumstances (Psalm 102:25-28). 

God does not change in his Word. God doesn’t lie or go back on his word (Numbers 23:19), and anything God promises will always come to fruition.

God does not change in salvation. God has had a plan for salvation, which has stayed the same, and those whom He saves will never be rejected or fall out of his saving grace (John 10:27-29).

God does not change in his plans. God’s plans supersede human’s plans (Psalms 33:10), and nothing can change or cancel his plans (Isaiah 14:26-27).

God does not change; God’s character, His Word, His salvation, and His plan can not and will not change.

That’s amazing to know and mediate on, but how is this good news? How does God being unchanging encourage those experiencing suffering and/or disability?

God is Dependable

This particular attribute of God, also referred to as The Immutability of God, gives us confidence to depend on God. We depend on him because he is the one thing that we can trust to remain stable when everything in our lives goes haywire.

When we’re hurting, in tears, and in the midst of unrelenting pain, there seems to be nothing to rely on. The pain reveals that we were trusting something of this world to give purpose is actually unreliable and unstable. In the midst of that turmoil, we need something or someone to depend on.

Or if you are disabled, you are acutely aware of your neediness. You might be reminded when you simply look in the mirror of our need. After my traumatic brain injury, I realized I would need to rely on the help of others to do some things. But, people change and life changes, so, at the end of the day, we need a source of stability.

If you’re in the midst of pain, you need a stable source to depend on. And, if you’re disabled, you also need a stable source to depend on. That stable source to depend on is God, unchanging and dependable.

I know you might dismiss or scoff at this, but this attribute of God has brought me great comfort since becoming chronically-ill and disabled. I found out that life changes fast, drastically, and often, but I worship a God was, is, and always be the same.

I felt like everything changed. But one thing didn’t change: God.

Thankfully, I depend on God, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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