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Thank you for visiting this brand new website!

I am excited to start this endeavor because I am hoping this website will do a lot of good. This website will hopefully serve three purposes:

  1. To encourage the readers to a life of joy and peace.
  2. To teach biblical truths that shape our lives.
  3. To provide an avenue to love others by sharing what God is teaching me.

I will have a new post every Monday starting 10/9/2017, and the topics will be wide-ranging for your growth and my growth as well.

Want to be involved and invested in this website? 

  1. Subscribe to the blog! The top widget in the right-hand column has a place for you to receive automatic updates.
  2. Submit content ideas! Click on the Contact page submit any ideas of kind of content you would lie to see.

Thank you so much!

Jacob Luis Gonzales

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